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Wedding Planning is an art form and very valuable to those who understand the value of this service.

A wedding planner is a professional who can design, plan and manage one of the most significant days in someone’s life, but not every bride may need one.

So continue reading to see if you are part of that very special group.

1. You have a lot of time on your hands.

As a busy professional with a full time job and everything else you have on your plate if you have the time and the energy to invest over 100 hours into planning your dream wedding than go for it. Not everyone can juggle it all, but if you can why not, just be careful not to burn yourself down.  Tackle the planning process one vendor at a time.

Wedding time

2. You know many of the wedding professionals in your area and can negotiate  your own services.

You may know the best photographer in town and love your caterer’s food already. If you can review your contracts and secure the exact services that you are in need of please keep it going. Make sure to keep all those receipts and contracts in a safe place for future reference (Just in case)

3. You are super organized and have an eye for details

If you know what a color wheel is, have a well organized Pinterest board and not afraid to use it, love to plan ahead, can keep track of vendor contracts, balances & due dates, you will do well on this journey. If you are not using an online based planning system don’t forget to get a paper wedding planner but wait you already know this I’m sure.

4. You can and want to manage your vendors, family, & friends the day of your wedding.

Not everyone can do this but if you have the superpower to multi-task. Push through! You can balance calls from the florist and your future MIL all while getting your makeup done the day of your wedding.

5. You don’t feel any stress, anxiety or feel overwhelmed by the wedding planning  process.

Some brides really DO NOT feel any type of stress or anxiety while planning their wedding so they just flow though it all skipping their way down the aisle. Lol

Now if you feel like you are not any of these people I have described above please don’t feel bad. Help is available. you may need a professional wedding planner or maybe a wedding coordinator.

With Love, Event Services can relieve you of the stress and plan your dream wedding with a wonderful group of vendors that you don’t have to manage while you keep your time and your sanity 😉


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